Nowadays, many of us like to play the game with our friends, which is probably the most enjoyable time we have. But, not many people tend to like those shooter FPS games or even complex games like DOTA, therefore I have games similar to the Sea of Thieves, which can be enjoyed without any blood being shed or taking hours giving you depression in itself. Therefore, let’s hop right into our list of multiplayer games to play with friends.

Game List


Raft is a famous game that is basically about survival. The game is on a seat and you have to build a raft to survive in the sea. At the start of the game, you don’t have enough equipment at your disposal, so you use the plastic-made hook and a raft. With your adventure going forward, you pick wood, barrels in the oceans, and other stuff to enhance the raft. You can play up to 2 players online in Raft.

Rating: This game is rated PEGI 7 plus

Platform: Only available on PC

Genre: Simulation, Strategy, Narrative, and Adventure.

No Man’s Sky

Want to explore galaxies and planets with your friends, then No Man’s Sky is the best simulator for that. You simply take the spaceship to colonize and explore the various planets, fauna, and even creatures there. Amazingly, you can play with 32 players online and even invite your friends to a party.

Rating: this game is PEGI 7 plus rated

Platform: Available on Xbox One, PS4, and even PC

Genre: Simulation and open world.


Just as the name suggests Valheim is a Viking-based game that is based on Strategy. You can play with 10 online players which can help you explore the world while surviving, building, and conquering. You can basically make your own stronghold in this game. Being a single-player game you can enjoy it with 10 online players.

Rating: This game is PEGI 16 plus rated

Platform: Available on PC only

Genre: Open world. Action. Roleplay, Strategy, fighting, and adventure

Sky Children of the Light

A massive open-world game that is meant to be played with online friends. This game is basically from the developers of the famous Journey game. It is action-based and you can play with up to 8 players online.

Rating: This game is PEGI 7 plus rated

Platform: Available on Nintendo Switch, iOS, PS4, and Android

Genre: Simulation and open world.

Star Wars Battlefront

Finally, I have here a shooter game that is based on the famous Star Wars series. There are many games in the series and make you enjoy your time with friends online. Yes, you can play it with 2 players in the same room, while there are around forty online players.

Rating: This game is PEGI 16 plus rated

Platform: Available on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3,  and even PC

Genre: Adventure, Shooting, Action, and Narrative


Sea of Thieves is a very rare game and if you start finding games similar to it, you won’t find any. Still, I managed to find Sea of Thieves Alike games that can be played online or with friends.


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