At the beginning of 2021, we got some of the most exciting games and Outriders is one of them. Unique games like The Division and Destiny are an inspiration to this game and you can see it in its gameplay and visuals. 

So what special does this game provide to the community? The combination of WW1 with destructive abilities, amazing visuals, and character makes this game what the community always loved. Besides, here is our short review of Outriders!

Storyline and World

The game itself runs in the future where the Earth lost its life source and becomes a wasteland. The colony ships were filled up with humans to save themselves and went to another world where they could colonize.

Humans ultimately went on another plant named Enoch, but the problem is that on this planet storms rip through the planet itself. Effects of Storms are dual, either they destroy everything it passes through or it alters that thing.

The character wakes up after nearly 30 years on this planet but the old Earth seems like a New and Life source filled planet. So, our job is to neutralize these storms that make a way for the Humans to survive on this new planet named Enoch.

Frankly, this concept or storyline is not new and has been around ever since the gaming community was developed. Therefore, the storyline is not that good in the game but hopefully, the other part of the game is something to get excited about.


This is where the game becomes exciting and when you are defeating enemies passing through the way, you are gifted with skill points. There is also a skill tree of character that improves him/her.

Progression in the game is straightforward, but the presented abilities are in-depth, tweaking the character more and more with time. It’s more like the golden era of games when the base of the game was character development (making him/her strong)


At the start, you can only choose four characters or classes of characters. Each of them has their own set of abilities, focusing on a specific way.

  • Pyromancers that are based on fire skills;
  • Tricksters that work on time and slow it;
  • Technomancers have skills that flourish in the long range;
  • Devastators that are protective type and protect themselves around shells.


Weapons fire and work similarly to most games of this genre like handguns, sniper rifles, assault rifles, and shotguns. But, the exciting part is when you have various rounds to choose from.

Some rounds can burn the enemies or put ice on them, slowing the movement. The response of the weapon is very satisfying.

Lastly, your character can blow aliens into chunks with blacks and heavy rounds of weapons.


Outriders is somewhat a combination of cosmic and World War 1 battlefield. Not only this gives the game a really amazing look but also makes the visuals unique.

There is always some sort of rippling and storming in the sky while looking far away you can see the deserts, mountains, forests, and snow-capped mountains as well, with much more.

Final Words on the Outriders Review

Outriders’ storyline concept is not the most unique one but the combination of different abilities, destructive weapons, out-worldly visuals, Character development, and design makes it a truly deserving game to be played in 2021.




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